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Compressed air is not pure. It contains inherent impurities that could be detrimental to the end application. We offer a wide range of downstream air compressor accessories that ensures application specific air quality norms are met while also contributing to a greener environment.


Compressed air is not pure. The compressed air contains inherent impurities that are detrimental to the end application. Some common contaminants of compressed air are water, dirt, small wear particles, bacteria and sometimes even degraded lubricating oil. All these impurities mix and often form an acidic sludge that might increase the wear and tear of end applications like pneumatic tools, machineries, valves orifices and electro-pneumatic controls like relays. For increased reliability and energy savings, compressed air must be totally clean and dry.


The use of microprocessor based controller ensures higher performance reliability of the drier. The controller indicates the pressure dew point for online monitoring. Setting options for controlling the cycle controller and automatic drain valves are provided.

Refrigeration Compressor

Hermetically sealed and highly energy efficient reciprocating piston compressor ensures effective compression of the refrigerant for drying the compressed air.

zone-Friendly refrigerant

GMATS thinks long run to make the environment safer and a better place to live. As per international protocol, GMATS uses ozone-friendly R 134A gas as the refrigerant which has zero ozone-depletion potential.


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